David Taylor-Smith​

Growth Marketer

David Taylor-Smith Growth Marketer

David is a Growth Marketer who has a passion for growing and supporting SMB's and Startups led him to Growth Marketing. Having founded 2 Successful Small Businesses in the past, he is an Entrepreneur at heart and understands the realistic scenarios that occur in a Business along with the grind needed for any successful business.

As any Growth Hacker or Growth Marketer will describe themselves, he is a T shape Marketer with specialities in Branding, Analytics,  SEO, SEM, AI Chatbot Development or Blockchain along with a growing interest in Front End Development and Conversion Optimisation.

Holding a Degree in Business Management and Marketing, Diploma in Business Management, Accreditations in Game Theory, Growth Hacking, SEO and Analytics among other qualifications, his passion for upskilling and learning is always demonstrated through his clients support and assistance.

Outside the Marketing and the Business sphere, David is a former Professional Mixed Martial Arts Competitor and has trained in Martial Arts for over 20 years, representing Australia in combat and achieving high rankings  in various Martial Art disciplines.If David isn't working, you can find him teaching or training Martial Arts, Researching Ancient History, Furthering his Russian language practice, or taking photos while out in Nature or Travelling.