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SEO tips for your business to Rank and Beat Competitors

Today, SEO practices have become a significant ladder to take your business’s website to the top ranks on search engines. Most Mid size and Large companies rely on these techniques to experience the best marketing results. But what if you are a smaller business? Many SMB owners ask ‘How to do SEO‘? or can I do it myself?

SEO can be greatly beneficial to smaller businesses as well, if you have performed the correct SEO practices to your site or have SEO experts on your team, this will allow you to take on your competitors and larger competitors.

To get the desired outcomes, you need to understand the basic concepts of complete Search Engine Optimization techniques. Lets discuss the crucial SEO tips to enhance the organic ranking:

Keyword Research for SEO

First and foremost; start with keyword research. Don’t assume that you know exactly what customers are searching for, many times you might likely comprehend your industry language although not the customers language. The master keyword research gives a comprehension of words and expressions that customers will use to find your items.  After some time into your Keyword research you will find distinguished keyword themes and patterns that genuine searchers have used in their search queries.

Tools for keyword research

There are various tools for keyword researching. The best keyword tools offer a quantitative interest score that decides the relative incentive in focusing on the words and subject, it will also make your life a little easier.

Google Keyword Planner is the go-to keyword research tool, however, you will require an active Google Ads — formerly AdWords — campaign for getting the most crucial data.

Non-Google keyword research tools have Übersuggest, SEMrush and Wordtracker.

Understand Your Competition

This is an important thing to consider. You must understand your competitors. Search the products and services that you provide and note the most prominent websites in those search results, those that share your business model as well as the ones that are different to yours but compete for the same searches.

  • What are they doing well?
  • Do they structure their site differently to target more valuable keywords?
  • What elements and themes do they have that you are lacking?
  • Are they engaging their prospects better than you?

Additionally, you must evaluate their reviews and benchmark their social media activity. These considerations will assist you to learn what their customers think.

Optimize your website for search engines

After understanding the unique requirements of your customers and the keywords they use to search those services and products, the next thing is planning carefully the structure of your web pages. You need to identify and build the pages on your website to address their search queries.

In this task, you should use only long-tail keywords. This will drive quicker results for your website. After planning for the website, next the vital and difficult task is optimizing the website.

Optimisation can include, Speed improvements, Image compression, Readability, and much more.

Understanding Google Analytics

In the implementation of different SEO techniques, understanding Google Analytics is quite crucial. This will assist you to figure out the performance for your SEO program. Additionally, this will help you in optimizing the different pages of websites. In Google Analytics, study the reports under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. By clicking on “Organic Search,”

This analysis can provide insights into user experience, time on site, user behaviour and collecting this data will assist in making accurate improvements for On-page SEO.

how to do seo

SEO is complicated and due to the nature of the search competition, many businesses have invested time and finances in staying ahead on search. The next stage after hiring your Developers or Designers, and regular monitoring of your SEO would be the option to hire an SEO professional.

If you are finding your rankings declining or not improving, SEO professionals will make a world of difference.

Our team at Wizard Creative Labs also provide a well-trained SEO team who have extensive knowledge in various SEO techniques which can help send your business up the rankings at an affordable price and no lock in contracts.

Written by

Vikramjit Sangre

SEO Expert